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Call for Abstracts / Papers

The Dhillon School of Business of the University of Lethbridge invites the submission of papers and abstracts for the 22nd Global Conference on Environmental Taxation (GCET22), to be held in Calgary, Canada, on 22-25 September 2021. The main theme for the conference is CleanTech Innovation.

The development and adoption of cleantech innovation is recognized globally as necessary in the shift towards a more resilient future – both economically and environmentally.  As such, policy instruments and frameworks supporting existing and new cleantech industries and initiatives are required to promote efficient production and consumption patterns along all stages of the value chain.

GCET22 will provide a platform for the exploration of environmental tax policy and incentives for cleantech innovation within a number of industries, including energy, agri-food, and manufacturing. In addition to papers addressing environmental, regulatory, fiscal, and legal policies within these sectors, the conference invites papers examining cleantech innovation from a wider perspective, including areas such as education, global markets, entrepreneurship, and infrastructure.

Other industries and topics on which papers on market-based policies are welcome include the following:

  • Forestry
  • Mining
  • Fisheries
  • Water policies
  • Air pollution
  • Carbon policies
  • Land, water, and air policies
  • Environmentally harmful subsidies
  • Market acceptance and accessibility
  • Regulatory frameworks
  • Industry, research, and government partnerships
  • Shipping and aviation
  • Transportation
  • Urban growth
  • Capital investment
  • Sustainable supply chains
  • Waste management
  • SME innovation
  • Consumer behaviour
  • Biodiversity

Abstracts and papers for GCET22 may be submitted addressing issues on how environmental taxation, broadly defined, can play a role in a wide range of sustainability topics.

All abstracts must be submitted in Word format (.doc or .docx files) to the conference email at:

The abstract submission deadline is 1 May 2021. Abstracts will be accepted on a rolling basis, so that early notification might be made allowing participants to register early for the conference.

Format and style of abstracts:


To be presented in Times New Roman (TNR) of 12 pt., double spaced paragraphs, left alignment.

Document title:

To be presented in TNR 12 pt., centered, with capital letters.


The name of the author and co-authors in TNR of 12 pt., bold and centered, should be placed below the title. The name of the presenting author must be underlined.


Abstracts should not exceed 400 words. No figures, tables, footnotes, endnotes or other references should be included in the abstract.


Please add up to five keywords below the abstract. This will help – if the abstract is accepted – to prepare the conference program.

Biographical note of presenting author:

Please include a paragraph of up to 150 words with main biographical details of the presenting author. These will be included in the book of abstracts of the conference.

After an abstract is accepted the submission deadline for draft full papers is 20 August 2021. Full papers should not exceed 6,000 words, including figures, tables, footnotes, endnotes and other references. Authors should strictly adhere to this word limit. More information on the requirements for full papers are provided in the relevant page.

GCET22 Young Researcher Award: One of the key objectives of GCET is the promotion of junior contributions and the fostering of state-of-the art scientific research. Accordingly, any student or researcher younger than 35 can be a candidate for the “GCET22 Young Researcher Award”. Proof of age needs to be submitted (scanned copy of a government identification to be uploaded, file named as (Your initial_2020_ID). Only accepted abstracts will be considered for the Young Researcher Award

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